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Bring in your laptop or desktop. Based on your issue our free diagnosis on computers includes our recommended diagnostics to ensure your computer will be serviced optimally.

Hard Drive Health Test

Data is important. We run a hard drive health test to determine if your hard drive is due for failure. This also allows to make the necessary data backup recommendations if needed and save you time and money in the long run. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is losing important documents or timeless photos.

Battery Health Test

When you first get your computer, whether it’s a laptop or a smartphone, your battery lasts much longer than it will in the many months to come. Our battery health test determines if your battery is operating normally. We can then if needed configure your computer to better make use of the battery to extend its life, or save you money on a new battery.

Operating System Test

Out of the box your computer is not configured properly. Over time it slows down, nags to perform countless updates, builds up useless applications, and gets infected. Our operating system test will let us determine if your computer makes sense to put time or money into. Bring in your laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet. We will provide a free diagnosis and give you all your options on moving forward!


Genuine Parts

Most kiosks and other repair centers use cheap third party materials. Our repairs are performed using genuine parts. We opt to use manufacturer approved components to confirm our repairs are as close to new as possible.

Proper Repair

We take the time to make sure the repair is done thoroughly. This helps from further issues occurring once we give you back your device.


Genuine parts and a proper repair allow us to provide a warranty with every device we service!