• Backup

Data is the most valuable resource that a company can own. Sadly, it is also often the least well-protected. Every year, many Serbian businesses lose key data to preventable causes, with consequences ranging from security breaches to compromised operational continuity. In many cases, data loss can result in legal liability for the company that failed to protect its assets, as happened to Sony Inc., in 2014 after their systems were breached by hackers.

Why do these businesses lose valuable data, and end up suffering major financial consequences? Because they did not have a managed and monitored backup regime in place.

A managed backup regime is a data security process that involves storing data for recovery at a later date.

There are several types of data backup regimes. Among the most popular is the ‘point-in-time‘ backup, which involves restoring a system or dataset to the precise condition it was in at a specific point in the past. This kind of protection helps you access your data should it be lost, whether to hacking, system failure, natural disaster or anything in between.

At Moj Servis, we understand the importance of a robust, measurable backup plan. The service we offer our clients is designed to help them ensure that their valuable data is protected at all times.

Taking a Look at the Big Picture

Developing an effective backup strategy requires more than simply deciding which data needs to be backed up, to where, and when. External factors such as business processes and available budget must also be considered before an optimal backup plan can be developed and a solution put in place.

Moj Servis is able to help companies reach the point where they understand what their true data backup needs are, and then assists by recommending and providing the best solution. If yours is a business that depends heavily on data, a “best fit” backup solution will help protect your assets in the event that major data loss occurs.

Choosing the Best Backup Product

Depending upon budget, volume of data, and underlying business processes, Moj Servus is able to offer a range of backup options to meet your needs.

At the top end of the scale, we can provide best in class solutions such Attix5 and Asigra, which are both products suitable for high data volume offsite backups.

For medium-sized companies, we can offer both Datto and Microsoft Azure Cloud Backup, both highly reliable, at an affordable price. We can even help companies with a very tight budget by recommending less expensive products such as Mozy Cloud Backup, which still cover the basics.

Data loss happens, but it doesn’t need to spell disaster. Whether you are currently facing data issues at your company or are trying to safeguard yourself for the future, as one of the top IT support vendors in Belgrade, Moj Servis is here to help backup and safeguard your data.